AtoZ FITT Mission Statement:

Helping individuals, all over the world, live up to their fullest health potential through an innovative & efficient approach that provides personalized guidance, support & accountability. 


  • Our STORY


    Back in the early 2000s, Sheri found the power of food & its healing properties for our bodies.


    After successfully reversing her own autoimmune condition, she made it her mission to understand how the body operates with nutrition.


    Feeling as if she found the key to creating better health, she decided that this was her calling. She left her career as a corporate trainer and decided to focus on working with others to improve their  health.  What a powerhouse - combining her 20 years experience of training, study of behavioral psychology and coaching with her knowledge of nutrition and the human body.


    After coaching thousands of people to help them make life changes, she saw a gap to be filled within the health industry.


    People needed to be given back  time.  In this modern busy life that we all live in, she wanted to deliver quality health coaching in a way that helps support their busy lifestyle. No matter where you lived.


    She asked her good friend Anna to combine her growing personal training business with Sheri's nutrition coaching expertise, and put it on a remote platform.  Creating a program to give remote members live in-person exercise classes and health coaching. The year was 2018.


    Fast forward to 2020, when the global pandemic changed how people live, work, and communicate. Today's "remote" world sets the perfect context for the need to have a company like AtoZ FITT.

  • Our 'WHY'


    Sheri is passionate about people, passionate about health, and passionate about information. Our society has created a sea of misinformation .  The weight loss industry is at an all time high of $71 billion dollars in the US alone.  Everyone wants to be healthy, but they don't know exactly how to get there. We are all being bombarded with the next fad diet. It is overwhelming and often causes inaction.


    Sheri's mission is to educate people on how to learn how THEIR body works, how to finally understand food, and how to apply that knowledge to their busy lifestyles. The result is the immensely satisfying realization that you are now armed with the power of information and the conviction that you can create authentic behavior changes for your life.


    This is the mission and daily motivation for Sheri and the entire AtoZ FITT team. 

  • Our METHOD


    AtoZ FITT is a live, remote program customized for you and your wellness goals.


    Our program consists of three pillars:


We help you understand the latest science-based health and exercise info to keep you from drowning in a sea of disinformation


We take the appropriate information and apply to your specific body and lifestyle to build a custom wellness plan for your long-term health


We are your partner along your journey. Your team is there for assistance and guidance, and our member community supports you and keeps you motivated!


    Learning the information about food, and about your body, is extremely powerful!  Science is an evolution of understanding, and the AtoZ FITT team is constantly refining the available knowledge about the body and about nutrition.


    As you gain this new understanding of how your body operates, AtoZ FITT creates a strategy that is designed for you, and only you. Our health coaches have the experience of helping thousands of people. We understand how to take all of the factors that influence our lives & health, and formulate a strategy for success.


    By far the most difficult phase is Execution. How many times do we start down a path, only to sabotage ourselves before we reach our destination? This is where your coach, your trainer, and your fellow community members come in. The dynamically busy nature of life and logistics isn't going away. Let your team & support group inspire and motivate you.

  • Our VISION


    The future of wellness is community. The future of wellness is information. The future of wellness is flexible and remote. As we grow AtoZ FITT we will add new modalities, becoming more diverse, and delivering cutting-edge wellness to people and places never before thought possible!