Member Review/Transformations

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My lifestyle changes have been significant. I now understand how to adjust and work around certain foods that trigger an inflammatory response. I am no longer taking blood pressure meds. AND...I have lost 25 lbs without even trying!!!


Member since Jan 2019

There is a level of consistent education and information that keeps me focused on myself and the goals I have set. Sheri has helped me with food timing, food placement, food sensitivities & how to fuel my workouts to optimize my efforts.


Member since Jan 2018

Joining the AtoZ FITT team was perhaps one of the best decisions I've made! I've learned a lot in the past few months and I now have the tools to be successful in my healing process. The guidance I have received has been so helpful and I feel so much better!


Member since Aug 2019

Since joining AtoZ FITT, I am no longer diagnosed as a Type-2 diabetic. I'm living a healthier life and feeling a lot better about myself.


Member since Jan 2020

Listen to stories of how AtoZ FITT has impacted the lives of our members, created positive changes, and created the foundation for permanent health changes.

Beyond the AtoZ FITT program is something spectacular, the members.  I have gotten to know and look forward to seeing this group 3 times a week and sometimes during meetups.   I’m truly grateful for my new “Fit Family” and am thankful to be a part of this group of encouraging, supportive people.


Member since May 2019

AtoZ FITT allows you to have your own personal health coach.  How many gyms offer that?  The remote aspect of this company has escalated my total fitness and health game.  I work remotely, a fulltime and permanent virtual employee … WHY NOT do all my business that way?!


Member since Mar 2019

The ability to do workouts from home while still getting live feedback is amazing.  And receiving one-on-one nutrition guidance is exactly what I needed to get my eating under control. I would recommend AtoZ Fitt to anyone who is ready to change their relationship with food and their body.


Member since Aug 2018