Meet Your AtoZ FITT Team

The AtoZ FITT team is obsessed with helping you change your life.

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Sheri comes to you from a long successful background and expertise in leadership coaching, training, behavioral change and coaching for development.


In 2010, facing her second surgery for an autoimmune disorder, she wanted to find a better way to cure her symptoms. That is when she found the magical properties of whole foods. This had such an impact on her own health that she wanted to help others! Changing career paths, she now brings her knowledge, abilities, and experience coaching over 1,000 clients to help you with your health goals!


Nationally Certified Health Coach (ACE)
Nationally Certified Personal Trainer (ACE)
Nationally Certified Lifestyle Coach (Diabetes Prevention)
Certified Leadership Training Program (AchieveGlobal)

Stephanie's motivation to become a personal trainer started when she began to recognize that her poor nutrition and lack of exercise was negatively impacting her life. Sleep patterns were off and she had lost the self confidence that she had once had. Stephanie decided to make big improvements in her diet and exercise which dramatically improved her health and wellness.


Stephanie's passion is to help others. She is excited to show you first hand how the combination of proper nutrition and exercise can empower you to change your life not only physically but mentally.


Whether you are just starting your fitness journey or ready to advance your skills, she is here to help you reach your health and fitness goals!


Nationally Certified Personal Trainer (ACE)

Fitness Nutrition Specialist (ACE)

Erin DiCesare, Barre Instructor

Erin DiCesare is a certified Barre Above Instructor and has recently completed HIIT training specifically for barre classes. She loves teaching barre and sees the benefits of this low impact workout that focuses on mobility, flexibility, and strength training.


She also currently serves as an Associate Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies and Department Chair of the Interdisciplinary Studies, Religion and Philosophy Department at Johnson C. Smith. She holds a Ph.D in Interdisciplinary Humanities from Florida State University. Her major research areas are in the fields of Gender and Sexuality Studies and Mass Media and Popular Culture. Even in her work as a professor she preaches self care and wellness to her students, showing them it is important to find a work-life balance to reduce stress and promote healthy living.


ACE Personal Training

ACE Group Fitness 

Barre Above Certified Barre Instructor 

Ph.D, Interdisciplinary Humanities